May 11 Mt. Pleasant Speedway Taco Boy Special Stock 4’s


Mt. Pleasant Speedway:
With nice weather and a pit area filled with some of the best dirt track racers in Michigan Mt. Pleasant Speedway was the place to be this last Friday night. The sponsor race of the night being Taco Boy Special for Stock 4’s brought in a nice field of 14, 4 cylinders. There were two great heats races with a father and son running 1st and 2nd #62 Steve Keeler Jr., and #63 Steve Keeler Sr. In Heat #2 there was a nice battle between #23 Joe Allen and #71 Scott Boyd. The race went back and forth till Joe took the lead and checkers for good. This would lead to a great Feature that saw five cars fighting out for the Taco Boy Special. Young and up and coming female driver Tasha Decker in the D7 would get up this week to finish in 5th place. Just ahead of her was #2 of Steve Workman whose neon was very fast but with losing power towards end of race finished in the 4th spot. Finishing 3rd would be the #63 of Steve Keeler Sr. First and second would run together for every lap but up to get his 2nd feature win of the year was #23 Joe Allen with the #71 of Scott Boyd finishing just behind in 2nd place.
The mod 4 class had a small field of just 5 cars but none the less the racing was good. In the heat race #91 Nathan Carlon and #610 Blaine Hendrix would be the class of the field with the #48 of Chris Wiggins Jr. falling in third place. When the Feature rolled out it was still all 1st #91 Nathan Carlon, 2nd Birthday Boy #610 Blaine Hendrix, 3rd #48 Chris Wiggins Jr., 4th 19w Shaun Warner, 5th was the #68 of Trevor Fedewa.
With a very strong field of 14 Ump Stock Cars showing up Sponsored by Brad Penn Performance Racing Oil. Heat race #1 would shake down with the 77B of Rob Brillhart running away with the show followed by the #55 of Mike Vandermark, and the #03 of Gary Vandermark for 2nd and 3rd. Heat #2 had track vet. In the #11 Jeff Loomis winning and the very fast #87 of Landon Hidy finishing second. With the feature getting ready to take to the track it would be announced that there would be a $100 dollar bounty put up if #77B Rob Brillhart could start in the back in win he would be given the extra money. With Brillhart buried in the field he could get no higher than 5th place in the stacked line up. Right in front of him would be the #55 of Mike vandermark taking 4th. The #03 of Gary Vandermark would finish 3rd. 2nd would be the #68 of Ron Harper. Taking the 1st would be none other than Mr. Excitement #87 Landon Hidy giving the crowd an exciting doughnut to the crowd after his victory.
The UMP Modified sponsored by Chucks Discount foods would have a field of 16 cars at the track. Heat #1 would have the #19 of Cody Bauer taking the heat win with the #04 of Aaron Raby finishing in 2nd. Heat #2 would have #87 of David Mielke taking the checker flag with a close race with the #75 of Roy Harvey finishing right behind in 2nd. When the feature took to the track there were 16 cars on the track. At the checkers there would only be 7 on the track. Not say the least the racing was very fast as #87 of David Mielke rocketed to the front and never looked back taking 1st place. The #19 of Cody Bauer hung to the low side and passed a few to take 2nd. #43 of Kevin Miller would be up for 3rd place. 4th would be #75 of Roy Harvey and finishing 5Th in the #95 would be Chuck Powell.
The UMP Late Model Show would be a best of the best in the state of Michigan with a start studded line up. Heat #1 took the checkers with 1st #6M Dona Marcoulier, 2nd David Hilliker, 3rd #27 of Eric Spangler. Heat #2 top three would shake out like this In 1st X1 Justin Robinson, 2nd #85 Mark Anderson, 3rd #9R Curtis Roberts. When the feature would role on to the track with the #21 of David Hilliker on the pole and the #9R of Curtis Roberts on the outside of row #1. This would be bad news for the rest of the field as the Coleman Comet jumped out to an early lead. Not without hot pursuit by the #6m of Dona Marcoulier. With Hilliker running the low side Rookie driver #13 Andy Galgoci would show patients of a 20 year vet being faster than Hilliker but not wanting to muscle Hilliker out of the way. After several laps Galgoci would finally make the pass for 3rd place. Hilliker would end up with the 4th spot and #52 Brad Harden finishing 5th.
Next week May 18th make sure to come out to the cleanest show on dirt Mt. Pleasant Speedway. Next week’s special will be the Soaring Eagle Casino Mod. Special let’s see a pit full of Mods to go after this extra cash. This will include a full show of Late Models, Mods, Stock Cars, Mod 4s, and stock 4’s. Bring your Car bring the family and enjoy a night at the track. Bring your beverage of choice to Mt. Pleasant Speedway just remember no glass please. Don’t forget Mt. Pleasant offers a Family pass of 2 adults and 2 Kids for $25 bring the kids out and enjoy are family section. Look for directions and Times at none other than www.