Australian driver to be at M.P. Speedway June 17

For Simon McNab the chance to get behind the wheel of a dirt Late Model racecar was just too good to pass up.

McNab, 49, from Perth, Australia, has been involved in Late Model racing since it began ‘down under’ about 12 years ago, mostly as a crew member, but about eight months ago he decided to get behind the wheel.

“I liked working on the car, but I wanted to have a go of it for myself,” McNab said.

Racing in Australia, McNab, is friends with Jeep Van Wormer, as well as Jeep’s friend and Australian racer Jason Oldfield and the Oldfield family.

“Jeep (Van Wormer) came out to Australia last year and raced there and made friends with everybody,” McNab said of Van Wormer and the Oldfields.

With this time of year being the offseason over in Australia, McNab and Jason Oldfield came across a good deal on a dirt Late Model and decided to take the plunge.

“We bought a Late Model car because everything over here seems to be at the right price for us,” McNab said of buying a $20,000 Late Model here that would have likely been nearly double in Australia. “A $20,000 car is unheard of back home.”

With his stateside debut only hours away, McNab said he has some butterflies.

“I’m a bit nervous,” he said. “I am always a bit nervous, but will try not to do any damage to the car.”

Following the trip to Mt. Pleasant Speedway tonight, the No. 49 Australian race team will move on to Oakshade Raceway in Ohio on Saturday where Jason Oldfield will take his turn as the driver.

(From June 17 Morning Sun, by JEREMY DICKMAN)